Where to Stay in Tbilisi, Georgia: Best Areas & Hotels

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by Michael Rozenblit

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If you’re planning a trip to the capital of Georgia and are wondering where to stay in Tbilisi, then this guide will, hopefully, help you narrow it down. Tbilisi is a city that we absolutely love and holds a special place in our hearts. After living in this gorgeous city for a couple of years, we also know the neighbourhoods intimately and have an idea of what they offer visitors.

One thing we quickly learned after living here, however, was that for tourists thinking of visiting, it can be difficult to determine where to stay as there are a number of interesting areas of the city with their own unique pros and cons.

To help you decide the best areas to stay in Tbilisi for you and your travel style, we’ve put together an area guide which includes some of the best accommodation options in Tbilisi for any budget!

Want a quick answer? For short-term tourism stays in Tbilisi, staying in the Old Town or Rustaveli area is ideal. These are some top accommodation choices:

Old Town: Pushkin 10 Hostel (Budget), Hotel Sololaki (Mid-Range), Hotel Flower (Luxury) & New apartment with amazing views (Private Rental)

Rustaveli: Moosica Hostel (Budget), Ornament Hotel (Mid-Range), Shota @ Rustaveli Boutique Hotel (Luxury) & Aparthotel Tarhun (Private Rental)

For longer-term stays in Tbilisi, consider the alternative area of Marjanshvili or the more local area of Vera. These are some top accommodation choices:

Marjanshvili: Sky Guest House (Budget), Fabrika Hostel & Suites (Mid-Range), Tiflis Inn Boutique Hotel (Luxury) & Alionas home (Private Rental)

Vera: Vere Corner Hotel (Budget), Lowell Hotel (Mid-Range), Stamba Hotel (Luxury) & Vera City Center Apartment (Private Rental)

Best Places to Stay in Tbilisi

Old Town & Sololaki – Best Area for a Short Stay

The Old Town of Tbilisi – known as Dzveli Tbilisi – is one of the best places for tourists to base themselves in the Georgian capital.

Especially if you’re only going to be in Tbilisi for a couple of days, being in the Old Town allows you to be close to a lot of the major tourist attractions such as the Sulphur Baths, Botanical Gardens & Narikala Fortress.

The Old Town can get very busy as it is one of the most popular places for tourists to gather. However, it is also home to plenty of great restaurants and wine bars that can make it an excellent area to also enjoy a bit of Tbilisi’s cultural side.

The Old Town also encompasses the Sololaki neighbourhood, which is one of the most charming areas of the city. Here you can see some traditional wooden houses and inviting “Italian courtyards,” known locally as ezos. There are also plenty of galleries and artisan shops in this area where you can pick up unique souvenirs.

Sololaki is also blessed with a good portion of Tbilisi’s nightlife – with plenty of bars that are open late. Whether you’re looking for a wine bar like ღvino Underground, a craft beer bar like Tsota Tsota or a unique cocktail bar like Chacha Time, you can find it here!

All in all, if you’re short on time while visiting the Georgian capital, the Old Town is a great place to stay in order to maximise what you see and do during your trip. It’s also excellent for going out at night.

Tbilisi Sulphur Baths
Tbilisi Sulphur Baths

Best Hotels in the Old Town

Guest House Rampa – One of the best places to stay in this area if you’re looking for a private room in a budget guest house. There are shared kitchen facilities available, fast internet and it is located right next to the Sulphur Baths.

Hotel Sololaki – This hotel is a fantastic mid-range option located just a couple of minutes’ walk from Liberty Square. They offer a range of air-conditioned rooms with modern amenities and there is a daily breakfast included in the nightly rate.

Hotel Flower – This hotel is a great option if you prefer a bit more luxury during your time in Tbilisi Old Town. With some rooms even coming with their own hot tub and fantastic views of the city, this is a great place if your Georgia trip budget allows it.

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Best Private Rentals in the Old Town

New apartment in Old Tbilisi – Offering stunning views over Tbilisi, this modern apartment is located close to the Sulphur Baths making it ideal for exploring the main attractions of Tbilisi. It can accommodate up to 5 people making it a great option for families as well as couples.

Old Tbilisi Apartments1 – Located close to Liberty Square, this is a fantastic affordable apartment with modern amenities and friendly owners.

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Tbilisi Old Town
The Tbilisi Old Town

Best Hostels in the Old Town

Pushkin 10 Hostel – One of the top-rated hostels in Tbilisi, they have a range of dormitories with modern features such as curtains, private powerpoints and reading lights. There is also a large common room, kitchen facilities and daily breakfast.

Envoy Hostel – Another good hostel option in this area of Tbilisi, one of their main selling points is the large rooftop terrace that provides fantastic views of the city. They also have a branch in Yerevan and organise various day trips around Georgia and longer trips to Armenia.

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Rustaveli – Best Area for Shopping

Rustaveli Avenue is the main street in Tbilisi connecting Liberty Square with the rest of the city. Along the street, you will find many points of interest including the Georgian Parliament, Opera Theatre & National Museum.

Staying along Rustaveli Ave or just off it is the perfect location if you plan to do a bit of shopping during your time in the Georgian capital while still wanting to be close to other areas such as Tbilisi Old Town or if you want to walk across the Mtkvari River to Marjanshvili or Avlabari.

This is a super central area, with easy access to metro stations like Rustaveli and Liberty Square. You can also explore the interesting bazaars that lie in the underpasses that go underneath the street – there aren’t any crosswalks on Rustaveli Avenue!

There are also plenty of great places to eat and drink in this area of Tbilisi. If you’re after a coffee or something for brunch, then Erti Kava is a great option. They also have a gift shop selling souvenirs from local Georgian artists!

For those who want to sample some inventive Georgian cuisine in a great setting, make sure to head to Salobie Bia. And if want a great outdoor eating area, Sofia Melinkova’s Fantastic Douqan is a popular choice.

One drawback to staying in Rustaveli is that, if there are any protests at the parliament (which can be frequent), this can shut down the whole street and make it very difficult to get around. On the other hand, if you’re looking for the place to be on New Year’s Eve, this is unbeatable!

In general, staying close to Rustaveli is perfect for those who are looking for a central location in Tbilisi close to great shopping and transport links.

Tbilisi opera interior
The beautiful interior of the Tbilisi Opera

Best Hotels in Rustaveli

Ornament Hotel – A good mid-range option located on a quiet street parallel to Rustaveli Avenue. They offer a range of private rooms suitable for couples and families with daily breakfast, fast internet and friendly staff.

Shota @ Rustaveli Boutique Hotel – A lovely 4-star hotel option located just off Rustaveli Avenue near Liberty Square. They offer a range of large rooms, primarily suitable for solo travellers and couples. There is a restaurant on-site and guests also have access to a swimming pool and sauna.

The Biltmore Hotel – If budget is not a consideration, then this luxury 5-star option is considered one of the best places to stay in Tbilisi. There are a range of luxurious options to choose from with all the amenities you would expect from such an establishment.

Best Private Rentals in Rustaveli

Aparthotel Tarhun – Located near the Opera House on a parallel street to Rustaveli Avenue, this aparthotel has both studio apartments and one-bedroom apartments with self catering facilities

9 Borbalo Street Apartment – Located on a quiet street behind Rustaveli Avenue, this apartment is clean and comfortable with the highlight being a stunning rooftop terrace that offers great views of the city.

Best Hostels in Rustaveli

Moosica Hostel – Also located on a quiet street near the Opera House, this hostel offers private and dorm rooms. There is an on-site bar if you’d like to socialise with other guests.

Georgian Parliament on Rustaveli Avenue
Georgian Parliament

Marjanishvili – Best Area for an Artsy Vibe

The area of Marjanshvili is located across the river from Rustaveli and is becoming an increasingly popular place to stay in Tbilisi. Considered the ‘alternative’ area of Tbilisi, there are a number of restaurants and bars as well as some of the most prominent street art that you will find in Tbilisi.

Marjanishvili is home to the famed Fabrika complex – a former Soviet textile factory that has been renovated to house a hip hostel and plenty of cool restaurants and shops. It is always worth coming over here and exploring to see what’s going on.

The main thoroughfare in this area – Agashmenbeli Avenue, has a renovated, pedestrianised area, as well, with lots of cafes and restaurants. Further down the street, you will also find one of Tbilisi’s top fine dining restaurants, Barbarestan, along with dives like Mapshalia.

There is also a metro stop on this side of the river making it easy to get around and depending on where you stay, it’s still possible to walk to the Old Town and the other major tourist attractions.

Best Hotels in Marjanshvili

Sky Guest House – If you’re looking for some traditional Georgian hospitality during your stay in Tbilisi, then this is a great option. They offer basic rooms that are ideal if you’re visiting Tbilisi on a budget with complimentary coffee and tea available throughout the day.

Tiflis Inn Boutique Hotel – Offering uniquely designed rooms, this hotel is a good option for budget travellers who want to stay in an interesting place in Tbilisi. They offer private rooms suitable for couples or families with breakfast included in the daily price.

Elle Boutique Hotel – Another boutique hotel located in Marjanshvili, they have a range of rooms with breakfast included in the nightly rate.

Best Private Rentals in Marjanshvili

Alionas home – Located close to Marjanshvili Metro station, this one-bedroom apartment has a convertible sofa so can sleep up to 4 people. It has everything you need for a comfortable stay and a responsive host to answer any questions you have.

Comfortable House on Marjanishvili – This house is a good option if you prefer a larger space that can accommodate up to 5 people as it has bedrooms and a large living area.

Best Hostels in Marjanshvili

Fabrika Hostel & Suites – This hostel is a lot more than just a hostel, with both guests and non-guests able to enjoy the number of restaurants and bars in the precinct as well as the various events that are organised here. There are a large number of different dormitories as well as private rooms to choose from.

Trendy Fabrika
Trendy Fabrika

Vera – Best Area for Couples

From a tourist perspective, the areas of Vera & Rustaveli are somewhat blurred, however, Vera is typically referred to as the area north towards Vera Park and west of Rustaveli Metro.

There aren’t a lot of tourist attractions in this area of Tbilisi, however, you will find plenty of cafes, restaurants and bars to enjoy.

Being close to Rustaveli metro will mean you are well connected to the rest of Tbilisi however you will need to be prepared to walk a bit further if you would like to go to Tbilisi Old Town.

Similarly to the Sololaki area of the Old Town, Vera is absolutely charming to wander around and has plenty of beautiful, traditional houses to take in. This is also a great area to stay in Tbilisi for a quieter stay that is still central to the top attractions.

If you’re looking for some great restaurants and bars in the Vera neighbourhood, there are plenty. Keto & Kote serves great, modern Georgian cuisine, as does trendy Zala. For fantastic Georgian wine, check out Sulico Wine Bar – they also have a great restaurant or sharing platters. Because of all of these great restaurants, it’s a wonderful place for couples looking for a romantic area.

There is also a bit of nightlife in peaceful Vera. The Wine Factory complex, which is a renovated former Soviet wine factory, is home to countless cool bars and restaurants that are open late. Often, there will also be some live music and other entertainment happening here.

Best Hotels in Vera

Vere Corner Hotel – One of the best places to stay in Vera if you’re after for a budget hotel. They offer a range of rooms suitable for singles, couples or families and are only a few minutes walk to Rustaveli metro.

Rooms Hotel – This is a good option if you want to visit Tbilisi and stay in a modern 4-star hotel. Guests have access to a range of facilities including a gym and restaurant and bar on site. There is the option to include breakfast in the daily rate.

Stamba Hotel – One of the most luxurious hotels in Tbilisi, this 5-star establishment is one to consider if budget isn’t an issue. All rooms are fitted with modern and comfortable amenities with an original and unique design. Buffet breakfast is also available.

Rustaveli Metro
Rustaveli Metro Station near Vera

Best Private Rentals in Vera

Vera City Center Apartment – Located only a couple of minutes from Rustaveli Avenue, these apartments are modern and can accommodate families and couples.

Happy Apartment 7 – Located in the heart of Vera, this one-bedroom apartment is perfect for couples looking for a comfortable stay in a local area. There is also a sofa bed so it can accommodate up to 4 people.

Vake – Best Area for Long-Term Stays

Located to the north of Vera, the area of Vake is not typically where tourists stay if only visiting Tbilisi for a couple of days. However, it’s a popular area of Tbilisi for longer stays as well as for expats that move to Tbilisi.

This is one of the most upmarket neighbourhoods of Tbilisi and it is almost a destination in and of itself. There aren’t many tourist attractions in this area, however, the main thoroughfare – Chavchavadze Avenue – has a lot of great, hip restaurants and cafes. It is one of the most “European” areas to wander down in Tbilisi.

Vake is also home to the lovely Vake Park, which is one of the largest green spaces in Tbilisi. Though it has been under renovation for a few years, it’s still a great place to wander through a get a bit of tranquil respite. Just above the park lies Turtle Lake, a popular local hangout. Up here, you can also visit the Open-Air Museum of Ethnography.

If staying in Vake, you’ll need to be prepared to take taxis to get to the more central areas of Tbilisi. There is no metro line in this neighbourhood and it’s not close enough to the city centre to walk. You can brave the local buses, however, this is often a bit too confusing and overwhelming for visitors.

Best Hotels in Vake

Mais Guest House – A small guest house located in Vake offering a few different budget rooms. There is a balcony area for guests to enjoy and you are close to all the main shops and eateries of Vake.

V Park Hotel – Another small budget hotel offering guests private rooms in the heart of Vake. A hearty breakfast is able to be included in the daily price.

Hotel Atlas Abashidze – One of the more premium options in Vake, this 4-star hotel offers a range of rooms suitable for singles, couples or families. Breakfast is included daily.

Mtatsminda View
Tbilisi from above

Avlabari – Best Alternative to the Old Town

The area of Avlabari is located south of Marjanshvili and is still considered part of the Old Town of Tbilisi. However, it is located on the other side of the river so is a bit further away from the main tourist attractions and the area that tourists typically consider to be the Old Town.

This is a more local area of Tbilisi so you will find cheaper places to eat and it is quite interesting to wander the streets here. There are some tourist sites of interest here as well including the Holy Trinity Cathedral – the grand Georgian Orthodox Cathedral in the city.

Avlabari is also home to the delightful Rike Park. From this park, you can catch the cable car to the Narikala Fortress and get incredible, panoramic views of the city.

In general, Avlabari is a great area to stay if you want to be close to Old Tbilisi but still want somewhere with a bit more of a local vibe.

Best Hotels in Avlabari

Hotel Nika7 – A good option for a budget guesthouse in Tbilisi. They have a few different types of private rooms available with a shared kitchen, terrace and garden area as well as daily breakfast included in the price.

Hotel Four Brothers – A budget hotel located close to the river in Avlabari meaning you are still within walking distance of the main tourist attractions in Tbilisi.

Vinotel Boutique Hotel – If you want to immerse yourself in wine culture during your stay in Tbilisi then this might be the hotel for you! There is a wine cellar on-site and the hotel can organise wine tastings for you. Rooms are classically decorated and there is a restaurant on site.

The impressive Holy Trinity Cathedral of Tbilisi
The impressive Holy Trinity Cathedral of Tbilisi

There is no shortage of great areas or places to stay in Tbilisi for any budget that will ensure you have a memorable trip to the Georgian capital.

Are you wondering where to stay in Tbilisi, Georgia? Have any questions? Let us know in the comments below!

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