12 Best Day Trips from Split, Croatia

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by Maggie Turansky

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Croatia’s second-largest city of Split may well be the best place to base yourself if you want to be poised to explore all of the joys and splendours of the gorgeous Dalmatia region. Because of its central location, using the city as a base for the innumerable day trips from Split is an excellent idea if you want to see a lot of the country without having to move around every other night.

While there is a lot to do in Split as a destination in and of itself, all of the potential day trips from the Dalmatian city make it one of the best places to visit in Croatia full stop.

With so much to see and do within close proximity of Croatia’s second city, travellers could easily spend a week or more based in Split and take advantage of the numerous trips from the city!

Planning a Day Trip from Split

While getting around Split itself is super easy to do on foot, it takes a little bit more planning when it comes to venturing outside of the city.

The easiest and most flexible way is to drive yourself in a rental car. While there is extensive public transport (buses) in Croatia and Split is a transport hub for the area, relying on the bus to get where you want to go on your own timeframe can be a bit of a headache and it won’t allow you too much flexibility.

Hence why our top suggestion for when you’re visiting Split and planning day trips galore is to rent a car.

Having a car will allow you to visit a few destinations per day while also not being at the mercy of erratic and inconvenient bus timetables. If you want to rent a car while in Split, we recommend using RentalCars.com to compare prices on car hire.

If you don’t want to deal with confusing bus timetables, aren’t keen on driving in a foreign country, or just want to enjoy your holiday in Croatia and leave the nitty-gritty planning details to someone else, then opting for an organised tour to go on a Split day trip is a good choice.

This is likely going to be the most expensive option for you, especially if you plan to take multiple tours, and it also won’t allow you any flexibility as the routes and times are set. However, it is also the easiest option and there is very little pre-planning needed beyond the need to book and show up on time.

Regardless of how you get there, you are sure to enjoy your time in Croatia and see so much of what the country has to offer with these fantastic day trips from Split.

Split from above
Split from above

Half-Day Trips

If you want a quick day trip that is within easy reach of the city centre and that you can see and do in just half a day, then these are great options for you!


Trogir, a beautiful walled island town that has a proud place on the UNESCO World Heritage List, is one of the easiest and most popular day trips from Split.

Located only about 30 kilometres north of the city centre and not far at all from the Split International Airport, Trogir is absolutely charming and worth spending a few hours exploring.

You can easily reach Trogir by car in about 20-45 minutes depending on your route and there is ample parking around once you’re there.

We recommend finding a place to park in a mainland lot rather than crossing the bridge as this will cost about half as much and you will likely only have to walk about 500 metres more, if that.

Once in Trogir, take the time to stroll through the town, wander along the promenade, and enjoy the lovely scenery. If you want to learn more about the history and culture of Trogir, then we recommend going on this 1.5-hour walking tour when you arrive to get a good idea of what it is you’re seeing!

By Bus

If you are taking the bus rather than driving yourself, you will be happy to know that visiting Trogir is one of the easiest day trips to do from Split via public transport. There are numerous buses throughout the day and the journey will take about 30-45 minutes. You can view schedules here.

The Trogir bus station is located only a few hundred metres from the old city, meaning that it is almost as easy as driving. Keep in mind that the route can get very popular in the summer season so it’s best to book tickets in advance.

By Organised Tour

There are a few day tour options to visit Trogir from Split including this popular boat tour. It includes stops in Trogir with a guide that will help you understand the history, culture, and significance of the town. A snorkelling stop at the nearby Blue Lagoon is also included.

The beautiful town of Trogir
The beautiful town of Trogir


If you want a lesser-visited day trip that is still within super easy reach of Split’s city centre, then you cannot go wrong with heading to the beautiful coastal town of Omiš.

Located about 25 kilometres south of the Split city centre, Omiš is famous for its gorgeous harbour and dramatic seaside rock formations. There are also some great beaches and seaside cafes so it’s an excellent place to visit if you’re looking place to go swimming and enjoy the warm Adriatic waters.

You can get to Omiš by car in about 45 minutes to an hour depending on traffic and the drive is along a lovely coastal road, so get ready for some beautiful views on your trip there.

By Bus

There are regular buses from Split to Omiš throughout the day which takes approximately 30-45 minutes.

Often, the final destination of these buses will be in Dubrovnik or further south, but you can buy a ticket just to Omiš. There are also local buses that will run, but these will take longer. You can view schedules here.

By Organised Tour

There aren’t many tours that offer transport just to the town, however, if you’re feeling adventurous once in Omiš, you can also opt to take this half-day tour to the nearby Cetina River for rafting. There is also the option to take this rafting tour that includes transfers from Split.

The unique cliffs in Omis
The unique cliffs in Omis


Šibenik is one of the most beautiful small cities on the Dalmatian coast and makes for an absolutely perfect day trip.

Boasting both an incredibly picturesque old town with lovely winding, cobbled streets and an imposing cathedral, there is also a pleasant seaside promenade where you can enjoy the sunshine with a drink or coffee.

Šibenik is located about 80 kilometres north of Split and can be reached by car in a little bit over an hour from the city centre, depending on traffic. It is a lovely place to while away a few hours and a great city to visit if you want to see more beautiful Croatian seaside towns.

By Bus

Split and Šibenik are well-connected by bus and there are frequent connections between the two cities from early in the morning until the evening. Expect the bus journey to take about 1.5-2 hours depending on the time of day and traffic conditions. You can view schedules here.

By Organised Tour

Most tours departing Split that go to Šibenik will also include a stop in Krka National Park such as this small group tour or this popular tour.

Charming streets of Šibenik
Charming streets of Šibenik

Krka National Park

Krka National Park is also one of the most popular day trips from Split, especially for those who want to step into the beautiful, lush nature that Croatia boasts.

Krka is like a smaller version of Plitvice Lakes Park and boasts dramatic and beautiful waterfalls and crystal-clear pools. The main difference between the Krka & Plitvice is, while Krka is certainly smaller, you can swim in the inviting waters!

Krka is located about 80 kilometres north of Split just inland from Šibenik and you can reach it in just over an hour’s drive from Split. Because of their proximity, you also can easily combine a trip to Krka and Šibenik into one full-day trip.

Head to the national park in the morning to beat the crowds and then venture on to Šibenik in time for a late lunch and some afternoon exploring!

By Bus

Visiting Krka from Split is a popular option and there are frequent buses leaving throughout the day to the town of Skradin which is close to the entrance of the park. More buses tend to leave in the high season and expect the journey to take about 1.5 hours one way. You can view schedules here.

By Organised Tour

If you want to combine Krka and Šibenik as a day trip but don’t want to bother doing it independently, then we recommend taking this small-group tour. Alternatively, this popular tour just focuses on Krka.

Krka Waterfall
Krka National Park

Full-Day Trips

If you want to venture a bit further afield from Split, see more of the surrounding area and be gone for the whole day, then consider some of these day trips.


Zadar is quickly becoming a well-sought-after destination on the Dalmatian coast, but it still hasn’t quite grown to the popularity of Split or Dubrovnik.

Known for its ancient Roman history, beautiful old town and inviting seaside promenade, you could easily spend an entire day enjoying the peaceful charms of Zadar.

Make sure to take the time to visit all of the fascinating ruins, take in the historic cathedral, and listen to the waves lap against the sea organ and make beautiful music.

Zadar is located about 160 kilometres north of Split and it takes about 2 hours by car to drive there depending on your route and the traffic conditions.

If you leave in the morning, you will be able to spend the majority of your day in Zadar and enjoy its beautiful scenery and great restaurant scene until you have to drive back to Split.

By Bus

Because Zadar is a major metropolitan area in Croatia, there are numerous bus connections between the city and Split every day. From early in the morning until the evening, you should have no problem grabbing a bus to Zadar should you not have your own vehicle. You can view schedules here.

By Organised Tour

There aren’t many good options if you’re looking for a fully organised day trip from Split to Zadar, however, if you make your own way to Zadar there are several tour options to explore the city such as this popular bike tour or this kayak tour.

Zadar Main Street (Siroka Ulica)
Zadar Main Street (Siroka Ulica)

Plitvice Lakes

Visiting Plitvice Lakes National Park usually tops people’s Croatia wish lists, however, it can be difficult to know how to fit this into an itinerary.

Plitvice Lakes is an absolutely incredible place to visit and if you can’t budget for a night spent near the park, it is entirely possible to visit the incredible UNESCO-listed natural site as a day trip from Split.

Because it is far from the city and there is a lot to know about visiting the park, we have written a dedicated article about how to visit Plitvice Lakes as a day trip via car, bus or organised tour.

By Bus

Getting to Plitvice Lakes from Split by bus is going to amount to a long day, however, it is doable if you’re alright with planning for about 7 hours in transit. There are buses that run from Split’s main bus terminal to Plitvice Lakes and the journey takes about 3.5 hours one way. 

In order to avoid crowds, it’s best to get as early a start as possible to really maximise your time in the park.

By Organised Tour

There are also plenty of organised tours available to those looking for an easier time for visiting Plitvice Lakes. For example, this full-day tour includes pick-up and drop-off in Split and gives you plenty of time to explore the park. 

Veliki Slap - One of the most popular waterfalls to see in Plitvice Lakes!
Veliki Slap – One of the most popular waterfalls to see in Plitvice Lakes!

Bosnia & Herzegovina

If you want to venture outside of Croatia as a day trip, then consider visiting the incredible city of Mostar and the other attractions and sites in southern Bosnia & Herzegovina.

Mostar is only located about 160 kilometres from Split, meaning that it can be reached by car in about 2.5 hours and it is easy to visit for a day.

However, because there are a few other logistical things to consider — like border crossings and all of the sites to see — we have written a dedicated article about visiting Mostar as a day trip from Split.

By Bus

You can reach Mostar from Split via bus, however, it is going to be a long day and it’s not really ideal for a day trip option. Expect a bus to take around 4 hours and keep in mind that there will be a border crossing involved, as well. 

If you want to visit Mostar by bus, it is better to plan to spend a night there to save having an eight-hour travel day. 

By Organised Tour

There are plenty of organised tours that will shuttle you from Split to some of the highlights of southern Bosnia & Herzegovina – including lovely Mostar. 

For instance, this full-day tour will take you from Split (or Trogir) to Mostar along with the gorgeous Krvica Waterfall before bringing you back to Croatia.

Stari Most in Mostar
Mostar’s iconic Old Bridge


Located very close to the mainland, Brač is a very popular place to visit for those looking for a laid-back island lifestyle and some beautiful beaches. It is best known for the famous Zlatni Rat beach, a conical pebbly beach that dramatically juts into the Adriatic.

There are also a couple of cute towns to explore along with olive orchards and vineyards to visit in order to taste some local produce.

By Ferry

There are car ferries that leave from Split’s main ferry terminal to the town of Supetar numerous times per day in the high season and the journey takes about 1 hour. It can prove difficult to get around Brač without your own car, however, there is a limited bus system on the island. You can view schedules here.

By Organised Tour

If you would like a guide and not to be at the mercy of ferry timetables, we recommend visiting Brač on this full-day tour. It includes time plenty of time to explore Bol as well as a visit to Hvar. Alternatively, you can take this full-day tour to explore Brac if you’re staying on the island/

Zlatni Rat Beach
Zlatni Rat Beach


Hvar might well be the most popular Croatian island to visit, not just from Split, but in general. Known for its hard-partying atmosphere, Hvar is the island to head to if you’re looking for a good time.

Lined with beautiful beaches and lavender fields, a day trip to Hvar is an excellent option. if you want to relax with a cocktail or a glass of local wine at a beachside bar or spend some time swimming in the clear Adriatic waters and soaking up the sun.

There are lots of things to do in Hvar in one day, however, most of it will be concentrated in Hvar Town. You can explore the town in the morning and take a boat ride to the Pakleni Islands in the afternoon. Otherwise, you could also simply lounge on one of the many lovely beaches.

By Ferry

There are numerous ferries that leave from Split’s main terminal to Hvar every day, making it an easy day trip from the city. The ferry can take 1-2 hours depending on the route that is taken. Note that car ferries take longer than high-speed catamarans. You can view schedules here.

By Organised Tour

If you want to get to Hvar via some of the best day tours from Split, this full-day tour or this small group tour are popular options.

If travelling to Hvar independently, consider taking this wine tasting tour if you want to explore more of the island.

Spanish Fortress in Hvar Town
Spanish Fortress in Hvar Town


Korčula is one of the most popular islands in Croatia to visit, both as a Split day trip and as a destination in its own right. The island of Korčula has a lot to offer visitors and, however, it’s much easier to visit from Dubrovnik than from Split as it’s closer to the latter city.

Blessed with everything incredibly picturesque towns to explore, beautiful secluded beaches to discover, and its own wine and olive oil production, Korčula makes for an incredible place to visit.

By Ferry

There are some ferries that leave from Split’s main terminal daily and the journey can take over 3 hours depending on the route and conditions, so it is best to leave early if you want to get the most out of your Korčula day trip. You can view schedules here.

By Organised Tour

Most organised day trips to Korčula depart from Dubrovnik rather than Split so the best option is to visit independently from Split.

Korcula Town
Korcula Town


Vis island is notable for being the furthest inhabited island from the mainland in Croatia but despite this, it makes for an excellent day out from Split.

Though it was used as a Yugoslav military base for many years, it has since been gaining in popularity as a holiday destination in recent years, especially since the second Mamma Mia! movie was filmed there.

Vis is relatively small in size, however, it is blessed with incredibly picturesque villages and a gorgeous coastline with inviting waters. Because it is only set to get more popular as the years progress, get to Vis soon before the mass crowds do!

This is also the island to visit if you are looking to do a Blue Cave tour from Split, as well!

By Ferry

Ferries to Vis leave from the Split ferry terminal a few times per day during the high season and the journey takes about 2 hours, meaning that it is the perfect distance for a slightly off-beat island day trip from Split. You can view schedules here.

By Organised Tour

If you want to visit Vis as a part of an organised tour from Split, then this tour is a good option and also includes stops in other islands such as Hvar along with the Blue Cave and Blue Lagoon.

Stiniva Beach on the island of Vis
Stiniva Beach on the island of Vis


Despite the fact that Šolta is the island that is located closest to Split, it isn’t the most popular for foreign tourists to visit. However, it has long been a favourite for locals looking to escape the heat in the city of Split and get a bit of a rural and pastoral break.

You can easily spend the day hopping from beach to beach or, instead, venture inland and visit a vineyard or olive oil mill and sample some local wines and oils. There are also a few quaint towns to explore, complete with delicious restaurants to eat at and sample the local cuisine.

By Ferry

A car ferry to Šolta leaves, in high season, numerous times per day from Split’s main ferry terminal and takes about one hour. If you don’t have a car or choose not to drive, you can ride solely as a passenger and opt to rent a bicycle once on the island.

By Organised Tour

If you don’t want to deal with visiting Šolta independently, then this half-day tour includes free time in Solta as well as stops in Trogir & nearby Blue Lagoon.

Ferries departing from Split
Ferries departing from Split

Where to Stay in Split

Kastel 1700 Boutique Hotel — Mid-range visitors to Split will love this hip hotel located in the centre of Split. They have a range of great rooms to choose from, a perfect location for day trips and plenty of other great amenities. 

Il Giardino Luxury Rooms & Suites — This boutique hotel is a great option for those who would like to add a bit of luxury into their holiday in Split. Their numerous rooms are very clean and comfortable and the central location cannot be beaten. There is also a hearty breakfast that’s included in the nightly rate.

Tchaikovsky Hostel — This centrally-located, clean, and comfortable hostel is a perfect choice for backpackers, budget and solo travellers. They have both dorm and private rooms and their location is ideal for exploring the best of Split and its surroundings.

Not quite what you’re looking for? Click here to browse other options in Split

Split Harbour
Split Harbour

There are so many great day trips from Split that you could easily spend months in Croatia’s second-largest city and not even scratch the surface of all there is to see in its surroundings.

Are you looking to explore more of Croatia while basing yourself in Split? Have any questions? Let us know in the comments!

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