Is Mykonos Expensive? A Mykonos Trip Cost Guide

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by Lizzie Fitzgerald

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Imagine a Greek island, with whitewashed houses, narrow streets and picture-perfect beaches. There are so many islands that it could be! Now add glitz, glamour and parties that last all day and night! Do you know which island we’re talking about now? Of course, we’re talking about Mykonos! But, is Mykonos expensive to visit?

This is the most commonly asked question by travellers planning a trip to the Isle of the Winds.

Especially when compared to other Greek islands, Mykonos can be quite an expensive destination with an average of €75-455 (approximately $82-497 USD) per person per day.

Luckily there are many budgets that you can visit Mykonos on – read on to discover your Mykonos trip cost!

Mykonos Trip Cost Guide

Getting great deals is possible in April/May and September/October and these can be a great time to visit Mykonos if you’re looking to save a few Euro.

Do remember that during these times, the sea is chilly, and the island might be windier with fewer amenities available. With this in mind, the following prices are based on visiting around the months of July & August.

Super Paradise Beach on Mykonos
Super Paradise Beach on Mykonos

Accommodation Prices

Mykonos has many accommodation choices to suit all types of travellers!

It’s important to work out where you would like to stay. The island of Mykonos has lots of places to rest your head, but the three main choices are between Mykonos town (known as Chora), a party beach like Paradise Beach known for its nightlife, or a quieter beach like Ornos or Psarou.

Also worth considering is the type of room you’ll be staying in – Mykonos has it all, from the basic to the ultra-luxury.

If you’re looking to experience Mykonos on a budget you might want to stay in a hostel as accommodation in Mykonos can be incredibly expensive. However, this sounds easier than it is.

There is only one real hostel, Mycocoon Hostel in Chora. This hostel has a huge 46-person dorm, a rooftop pool and can cost around €40-70 per person, per night depending on the season!

A much better budget option would be to stay in one of the cabins at Paradise Beach or Paraga Beach Camping, this will cost around €45 per night for a two-person cabin/tent – but the quality is reflected in the price.

For a nice pension or guesthouse, there are plenty of choices in Chora or at the beaches. Expect doubles to start at around €150 per night with breakfast. Expect to pay slightly more, around €170 for a boutique hotel or rooms within walking distance to quieter beaches like Platis Gialos and Ornos.

Mykonos has some of the finest hotels in Greece – for a 5-star hotel with a rating above 9.0 on you can expect prices for doubles to range between €300 at the bottom end to about €700, with an average of €500 per night.

When you start adding things like hot tubs and private pools these prices go up to almost €1000 per night, and for luxury villas expect to pay around €1500 per night for accommodation that will sleep 6 guests.

Sunny Mykonos
Sunny Mykonos

Transportation Prices

Mykonos isn’t a big island – driving from Chora to Paradise beach will only take you around 20 minutes with your own transport. But what transport do you need to get around the Island of the Winds?

The cost of transportation in Mykonos can vary depending on what methods you choose. It’s also the same as the cost of getting to Mykonos, as visitors can take a ferry from Athens or islands like Santorini (you can book ferries here) or even take a flight directly to this beautiful island, as well.

For most travellers, you’ll be able to explore Mykonos without having to rent anything. If you’re staying in Chora, the entire old town is perfectly accessible on foot – in fact, it’s the only way to explore this warren of alleyways and churches. All other settlements on the island are smaller, and can also be explored on foot.

Mykonos has an extensive public bus system based out of Fabrika, just south of Chora. During peak summer, buses run from early morning into the early hours for most destinations. You pay on board with cash, and a ticket costs on average €2 depending on the destination – so €4 for a return trip.

Mykonos has a limited number of taxis – there are only 34 on the whole island. They are heavily regulated – prices in Mykonos are metered and have surcharges for things like heavy luggage or going to the airport. You can pre-book an arrival, try hailing one in the street, or organise a taxi or private transfer in advance.

If you’re having a glorious day of beach hopping, you can use the Mykonos Water Taxi, for a hop-on, hop-off service along the south coast for a very reasonable €20 per person for the whole day.

If you want to get around the island with more freedom, consider renting a scooter or motorbike! It’s a great way to get around, and you can park anywhere! Scooter rental on your trip to Mykonos costs around €30 per day.

Car rental in Mykonos starts at around €30 per day for a small car. With narrow roads and a lack of big parking spaces, if you are going to rent a car it should be small! Driving in Mykonos is stressful, take your time and take it slow. You can browse car rental options here.

Square in Chora
Square in Chora

Food Prices

Mykonos is a gastronomic heaven and the food in Mykonos can vary in price depending on what and where you choose to dine.

There are many cuisines available here on so many different levels – from street food to fine dining, fresh seafood to traditional Greek, the island has it all. But how expensive is Mykonos for eating?

Well, Mykonos is amongst the most expensive places in Greece for food, but there is so much choice available that there are some tricks to bring costs down and it’s definitely possible to eat well while you visit Mykonos on a budget.

The usual street food staples are available. An array of phyllo pies (think spinach & feta or ham & cheese) are available from bakeries all over the island, and will cost around €2 – add an iced coffee to this and you’ll get a hearty breakfast for under €5. Hunt out the Medieval Bakery in Chora, or nationwide chains like Attica Bakery to sample these hunger-busting delights.

For the ultimate street food staple, any visitor to Greece must try gyros or souvlaki. This pita bread packed with rotisserie or skewered meat, fries, tomatoes, onions and tzatziki is a bit more expensive in Mykonos than on the mainland, but the wrap should cost around €4.

Whereas a larger meal-sized gyros plate will cost around €12. Sakis Grill House, Jimmy’s Gyros or Souvlaki Story are all excellent choices.

There aren’t many options on the island for set lunches, but there are plenty of reasonably priced meals for a lunchtime snack. If you’re soaking up the rays and the beautiful waters of the Aegean Sea at Paradise Beach, try Aris’ Pizza – arguably the best pizzas on the whole island for around €12.

If you’re a fan of seafood, Mykonos is a great place to try it. For seafood in a traditional setting, head to Kiki’s Taverna at Agios Sostis Beach. Prices are fair, the ambience is fantastic and there are no bookings. You will pay around €20 for a main course, and €7 for a meze (starter plate).

Finally, for dining in Chora, expect to pay a little more, and either book ahead, or be prepared to wait for a table. M-Eating & Eva’s Garden both serve excellent meals, with great service. Mains are €20-40, and mezes €8-15.

Mykonos' Famous Windmills
Mykonos’ Famous Windmills

Activities Prices

If you want your vacation to Mykonos to go beyond the food and the beaches, then you have a treat in store – there is so much to see and do in Mykonos. Is Mykonos expensive for tourists? It certainly doesn’t have to be!

Wandering the old town is a completely free delight. Make sure to stop by the Kato Mili Windmills, Little Venice, the Paraportiani church, the chapel of Agios Nikolaos, and try to find Petros the Pelican – the island’s mascot. Plan to spend several hours exploring the town fully.

Of course, if you’d like a guide, you can easily book one in advance for around €35 pp.

There are a few small museums in town – the excellent Folklore Museum is a bargain at the €2 suggested donation. The Archaeological Museum of Mykonos houses beautiful ancient pottery, incredible statues and gorgeous metalwork. The museum is well worth the €4 entry fee.

If the museums are still tickling your interest and want to head a little further afield – book an organised trip to the island of Delos. An incredibly important trading post and city during antiquity it is also the birthplace of gods Apollo and Artemis.

The entire island is an archaeological site, and is best visited with an organised tour. For around €60, you’ll get a return ferry, guided tour and entry to the island. It can be booked in advance here.

If you’d rather be on the water without all the history, you could book a sunset boat tour – usually lasting around 2-3 hours you’ll get wine and some snacks as your captain takes you to scenic spots to enjoy the famous Mykonian sunset – around €50 per person.

If being on the water and a little more active is your cup of tea then you could try a two-hour kayaking tour with Mykonos Kayak. Taking in the craggy coves of the island with a guide costs €75 per person.

Finally, Mykonos is great for water sports, and most beaches have an operation. At Elia Beach you can try a huge array of activities – tubing starts at €30 per person, jet skiing starts at €55, whilst parasailing starts at €85.


Entertainment Prices

If you’re looking at having a relaxing beach holiday, it’s certainly possible to explore Mykonos on a budget and save money on entertainment. However, this island is rife with ways for you to part with your money, and they all involve having a good time!

It’s possible to get iced coffees on a budget for around €2 from chains like Everest or Veneti, but there are plenty of excellent cafes in Chora offering similar coffees with a tad more ambience for €4-5.

Greek beers Alpha and Mythos are available throughout the island’s mini-marts for €2 for a half litre. Sit down at a gyros shop or cafe and these prices will rise to around €4, and at a bar or restaurant, the same bottle will cost upwards of €6. A glass of wine would also cost between €6-8 at dinner.

Mykonos has no shortage of cocktail bars – some of the best cocktails can be found in Little Venice. Rhapsody Bar has excellent strawberry daiquiris for around €12, while most bars have cocktails starting at around €14.

As always check the menu before you order, I’ve seen cocktails priced higher than €30, and one bar charging €30,000 for a 6L bottle of champagne! These aren’t typical drink prices in Mykonos, but some places are happy to try and rip you off.

There’s lots of fun to be had at Mykonos’ beaches. All beaches will have a free area where you can put down a beach towel – arrive early as these spots fill fast.

A sunbed with a parasol can cost anywhere between €20 – €50 per person per bed. Some beach clubs do things differently, offering sunbeds as part of a minimum spend at their establishment (usually €100).

Finally, what can you expect to spend on a night out? Most bars and nightlife venues don’t charge entry, but big clubs will. Mega-club Cavo Paradiso charges for entry, between €25 per person and up to €75 for big-name DJs like Robin Schulz. Prices include a drink with entry, and once inside expect to pay €10 for a beer or €12 for a cocktail.

Little Venice at Sunset
Little Venice at Sunset

Is Mykonos Expensive? Average Prices in Mykonos

Below is a range of the prices that you can expect to pay per person, per day in Mykonos. This is assuming that some prices, such as accommodation or a car hire are split between two people.

Accommodation: €40 – €250 / night

Transportation: €5 – €30 / day

Food: €15 – €60 / day

Activities: €5 – €75 / day

Entertainment: €10 – €40 / day

Totalling this up you can see your approximate Mykonos trip cost. On average expect your costs in Mykonos to land at around €75-455 per person per day.

This won’t include any pre-trip expenses such as airfares or travel insurance.

While this is quite a range, how much your trip to Mykonos will cost really depends on how you choose to spend your time and money while visiting this beautiful island.

Kalafatis beach
Kalafatis beach in Mykonos

So, to answer the question, Mykonos is expensive for tourists – you can make your own decision! The Island of the Winds can be enjoyed by rich and poor alike – by penniless backpackers looking to party all night or by influencers relaxing in their infinity pools.

Are you wondering about the prices in Mykonos? Have any questions? Let us know in the comments!

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