The Perfect 2 to 3 Days in Paros Itinerary

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by Lizzie Fitzgerald

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Planning a 2 to 3 days in Paros itinerary is a great way to see one of Greece’s most beautiful and tranquil islands without taking too much time away from your overall route through the country.

From sunbathing on golden beaches and shopping at quaint boutique stores, to taking in historic sights that date back to the 4th Century CE and eating gourmet food that’ll make your taste buds sing, there is just so much to see and do!

While this is an exciting proposition, when planning your visit, we know it can be difficult to decide on a schedule. But don’t worry, we’ve already done the hard work for you

How Many Days in Paros?

Wondering how many days to spend in Paros? Well, ideally the longer you can spend on the island, the better, as this will give you more opportunity to really enjoy its essence.

However, if you are limited in the time you have available, you should aim for a minimum of 2 days in Paros. That would mean a whistlestop visit. But it will at least give you enough of a window to see all its main sights.

If you could stretch it to 3 days, that would be advisable. This will enable you to spend some quality time on the beach, or invest a bit more time exploring any of the main attractions or small villages.

Port of Naoussa on Paros Island
Port of Naoussa on Paros Island

Getting To & Around Paros

To get to Paros, you can fly directly there from Athens. Alternatively, you can also catch a ferry from either Piraeus or Rafina.

Daily boats go from Piraeus to Paros all through the year, while the schedule from Rafina is pretty regular too. Typically, the journey takes between three to five hours to complete from both ports.

It is also possible to reach Paros via ferry from other Cycladic islands like Mykonos, Santorini, Ios and Naxos. Ferries can be booked in advance here.

Once on Paros, the island is easy to navigate. The best way to traverse the main town and villages is to explore it on foot. Generally, they are well laid out for walking, although it is a good idea to wear comfortable shoes whilst out and about.

A decent network of buses connects the various villages on the island. You will find bus terminals at Parikia and Naoussa which will take you to the likes of Pounta, Chrisi Akti or Alyki.

The bus is the cheapest way of getting around the island, with the services being fairly regular – particularly in the warmer months of summer.

Other ways of getting around Paros include sea buses that will take you from Parikia to several excellent beaches including Krios, Langeri, Santa Maria and Kolymbithres.

If you only have 2 days to explore the island, you might want to rent a car through various companies like Hertz, Avance and Enterprise – or even a motorcycle. If you want to hire a car while exploring Paros, consider browsing in order to compare prices across available companies.

Alternatively, you can catch taxis or private transfers, or go on an organised tour to wherever you want to go, be that wine tasting or to one of the island’s many beautiful beaches.

Kolymbithres Beach
Kolymbithres Beach

2 to 3-Day Paros Itinerary

Wondering what to do in Paros for two days, or even three if you have the time? Then why not consider the following:

Day 1 – Parikia Village & Beach Time

Explore Parikia Village

Parikia is not only the main port of Paros, but it is also the capital of the island and the hub of cultural life and commercial activity.

On your first day there it would be a good idea to explore the old town, as this will enable you to get your bearings for it.

Full of authentic and charming Cycladic architecture (similar to what you would find on islands like Santorini or Mykonos), the neighbourhood of Kastro is a nice place to start.

You’ll instantly feel like you are in a different world as you explore narrow alleyways where bougainvillaea trees contrast beautifully with quaint cubic whitewashed houses resplendent with rustic wooden doors.

Whilst strolling through the town, you’ll be able to take in the impressive Panagia Ekatontapiliani monastery, which is an iconic landmark near the port.

You can also check out what is left of the old ruins of the Frankish castle, as well as the sanctuary of Asklepios, the Mycenaean Acropolis and churches that have stood for centuries.

There is also an eclectic mix of shops you can visit and several cafes, restaurants and bars where you can grab a quick bite to eat.

Ekatontapiliani Church in Parikia
Ekatontapiliani Monestary in Parikia

Archaeological Museum of Parikia

Paros is an area rich in culture so after exploring the village why not take the opportunity to enjoy some of it?

The Archaeological Museum of Parikia is a must-visit if you want to view some terrific displays of ancient Greek art that were discovered on the island. Many of these exhibits date back centuries.

These are good places to go when the heat of the day is at its most intense.

Marcello Beach

After a busy few hours of exploring the town, why not take some time to chill on the beach?

The golden sands and beautiful beach of Marcello is an excellent destination to visit as it is clean, easy to get to and has plenty to see.

Located just 5km from Parikia, this terrific beach boasts sparkling azure waters you can swim in, as well as a good expanse of sand to sunbathe on and several rocky coves to explore. Parts of this beach are clothing-optional. So you can don your birthday suit if you like!

Dinner & Drinks

Once you’ve topped your tan up sufficiently, you’ll probably be ready for an evening of dinner and drinks.

Parikia is blessed with a number of terrific venues for families, couples and groups of friends. Many of which are lined along its buzzy seafront.

Some of the most popular of them include the Pirate Bar, the Cabana Bar and the Kiaola Bar. All of which offer an excellent range of local gastronomy and especially seafood dishes. As well as a good selection of Greek and Internationally produced alcoholic beverages.

However, if you would prefer to eat French, Thai, Italian or other genres of food, there are plenty of those options available too.

Due to their location, these venues make great places to watch the sunset while you enjoy a meal or cocktail. They also tend to go late into the night with bangin’ beats from some of the hottest DJs in Greece.

Narrow street in Parikia
Narrow street in Parikia

Day 2 – Naoussa, Beaches & Open-air Cinema

For your second day in Paros, assuming you didn’t have too late a night, why not consider doing the following?

Stroll around Naoussa

Naoussa is the island’s second-largest town and is well worth a visit. Despite the growth of tourism in Paros in recent years, it has managed to stay true to its roots, with its traditional architecture and an authentic vibe immediately noticeable when you go there.

Based around a port, the town offers lots in the way of shops, tavernas, restaurants and bars. It also has plenty of sights of interest including the impressive Byzantine museum.

The museum is renowned for its fascinating collection of Byzantine and post-Byzantine relics including crosses and numerous ecclesiastical items and visiting is one of the best things to do in Paros.

Church in Naoussa
Church in Naoussa

Hit the Beach

One of the best features of Naoussa is that it is close to several fabulous beaches. This includes Monastiri, Santa Maria and Kolympithres. All of which glisten alluringly from the Mediterranean sun.

If you only have time to visit one of these beaches try and get to Kolymbithres. It is easy to get to by bus or even a caique – which is a traditional, local sea vessel – from the port.

A unique beach, it boasts a rocky, almost lunar-like landscape, which is perfectly offset by its turquoise waters. This creates a very Insta-worthy backdrop you’ll want to capture for your wall.

The beach is safe for swimming and possesses numerous sandy coves of eroded granite rock, where you can find a quiet spot to lay back and relax.

Monastiri Beach
Monastiri Beach

Enjoy a delicious meal

Rivalling anything you can get in Parikia, the food in Naoussa is sensational.

The tavernas, cafes and restaurants here make food with love. So whatever you order is bound to be a culinary highlight.

Again the waterfront here is lined with plenty of establishments, so it’s worth checking out what dishes are being presented to the al fresco diners when it comes to determining where you will eat.

You will find plenty of traditional and contemporary Greek, Mediterranean and international choices available, as well as local seafood dishes native to the island.

Some notable restaurants to consider include Mario, Siparos and Soso. The dishes you should try include Kakavia — a delicious fish soup — and Gouna — a mouthwatering creation of mackerel that has been sun-dried and roasted.

Watch a movie under the stars

After a lovely meal, what better way to conclude your evening than watching a movie under the stars?

This is a bit of a tradition on Paros and the island has two cinemas to visit. One of them is at Cine Rex, which is situated in Parikia. While the other is located in Naoussa within Monastiri Beach.

If you decide to visit the one in Parikia, it presents two shows a day. The first of which starts at 9 pm, while the second starts at 11 pm. Here you will be able to catch the latest releases shown with Greek subtitles.

The Cine Enastron can be found at the Environmental and Cultural Park on Monastiri Beach. They tend to show classic movies and put them on for free.

Sunset by the port of Naoussa
Sunset by the port of Naoussa

Day 3 – Lefkes, Golden Beach, Marathi Marble Quarries or Antiparos

On your last day, time will be of the essence so you might consider hiring a car.

Hiring a car will allow you to tour the island at a pace that suits you, without being hamstrung by timetables or other tourists.

If you do choose to rent a car, consider going to Lefkes, Golden Beach and Marathi Marble Quarries. Alternatively, you can choose to take a boat to Antiparos.


Probably the most ‘authentic’ of all villages in Paros, Lefkes village provides a throwback to how life used to be on the island.

Situated only 11km to the southeast of Parikia, this charming region was actually the vibrant capital of Paros during the Middle Ages. Today it is home to less than 500 people, which makes it a stoic place to explore.

Set at an altitude of 300 meters, the town presents fantastic, sweeping views of the Aegean Sea and Parian landscapes, which are best seen at dawn and dusk.

The village contains more than its fair share of iconic, whitewashed and cubic Cycladic architecture, as well as a slew of Venetian buildings, imperious churches, and notable landmarks that relate the story of its cultural heritage.

You’ll find the locals here very friendly, so if you have the time available why not pop into a local taverna and strike up a conversation with some of them over a delicious Greek coffee?

Cafe in Lefkes village
Cafe in Lefkes village

Golden Beach

Also known as Chryssi Akti, Golden Beach is arguably one of the best beaches on the island.

It’s tucked away on the southeast coast, within an easy drive or bus ride from Parikia or Naoussa and is well-regarded for its fantastic windsurfing.

If that is a bit too energetic for you, there are plenty of beach bars and sunbeds for you to take advantage of.

Marathi Marble Quarries

Found on an interior road that runs from Lefkes to Marpissa, is the famous Marathi Marble Quarries.

This place is best known for its prestigious marble which was much sought after by Greek sculptors on account of its fine consistency and transparency.

Some of the most famous sculptures of all time, including Hermes and the Venus de Milo were crafted using marble from here.

Should you come to this attraction, you will access it through a series of – you guessed it – marble stairs!

Antiparos Day Trip

If you don’t want to hire a car, then why not consider a quick trip to the islet of Antiparos?

This fabulous outpost is one nautical mile from Paros and is very easy to get to on a day trip by boat (you can also choose to stay overnight there too). If you prefer to pre-book, you can organise a full-day cruise here.

In comparison to its bigger brother, Antiparos is very tranquil, which forms part of its charm. It also retains much of its traditional Cycladic identity as evidenced by its customs, architecture and general way of life – which is sure to captivate you.

You can take a boat to Antiparos from either Parikia or Pounda port – which lies on the island’s western coastline.

Antiparos Island

Where to Stay in Paros

Hotel Dina – This comfortable hotel in Parikia is an excellent choice for mid-range travellers to Paros. It has a great location, a number of lovely rooms available (some with their own balcony or patio) and free parking is available should you need it.

Paros Palace – If it’s luxury you’re after when visiting Paros, then you’re sure to love this plush hotel. Located in Parikia village, they have countless luxe rooms on offer, a beautiful pool to enjoy and tons of other wonderful amenities to ensure you have the best stay possible.

Nautilus Apartments-Suites – This aparthotel is a great choice for those looking for a comfortable self-catering option while in Paros. They have a range of flats available that are suitable for different group sizes.

Paros Backpackers – This hostel is a great choice for backpackers and those looking for a good social atmosphere. Located in Parikia, they have a range of dorms and private rooms, good common areas and even a swimming pool to enjoy!

Not quite what you’re looking for? Click here to browse more Paros hotels!

Hopefully, the schedule we’ve recommended has given you a good idea of what to do in Paros for three days. Ultimately, a visit to this stunning destination in The Cyclades offers the quintessential Greek Island experience.

So if you take heed of the Paros itinerary we’ve suggested, you’ll not only maximise your time there but also enjoy a tremendous holiday.

Are you considering a trip to Paros? Have any questions about this itinerary? Let us know in the comments!

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