Prague or Krakow or Budapest: Which City to Visit?

View from Charles Bridge

Many travellers planning a trip to Central Europe don’t have necessarily an unlimited amount of time to visit every city that might be on their wish list. This has them begging the question: “Should I visit Prague or Krakow or Budapest?” While many people’s first instinct would be to cram every destination into a short period of time, I would honestly strongly recommend against doing this. Firstly, many cities aren’t as … Read More

Georgian Cuisine Guide: Must-Try Dishes & Food in Georgia

Traditional Georgian cuisine - there are many different dishes!

There is no denying that sampling the delicious dishes and flavours that comprise Georgian cuisine is one of the highlights of visiting this South Caucasus nation and, in fact, Georgian food can be just as much of a draw to the country as its beautiful mountains and historic cities. Firmly cementing itself as a foodie destination, Georgian food is one of the last “discovered” culinary scenes in Europe and the … Read More

The Ultimate 5 to 7 Days in Austria Itinerary

Hofburg Palace in Vienna

Planning out an Austria itinerary is one of the top things to do when visiting Central Europe. This beautiful country nestled between Germany, Switzerland, Italy, the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Hungary and Slovakia has a lot to offer beyond Vienna or Salzburg. And whether you have 5 or 7 days in Austria, you’re sure to have a blast exploring this gorgeous Central European nation. There is a lot to see and … Read More

Meteora Day Trip from Athens: A One Day Itinerary

Agios Stephanos Monastery in Meteora

Planning a Meteora day trip from Athens is one of the most spectacular historic days out from the Greek capital you could do. Meteora is undoubtedly one of the most unique places to visit when venturing on a trip to Greece. Many travelers head to Athens and the islands when visiting Greece, missing the jewels of the mainland, including Meteora. The 14th-century ethereal monasteries perched above the unique and dramatic … Read More

Delphi Day Trip from Athens: A One Day Itinerary

Ruins in Delphi

Planning a Delphi day trip from Athens is one of the best ways to see some incredible historic sites within easy reach of the Greek capital. Visiting Greece is truly the ideal destination for history aficionados and those searching for deep exploration in a travel destination. While visiting the capital city of Athens, you may crave to dig deeper into the history of Ancient Greece, and luckily, there are plenty … Read More

The Ultimate 2, 3 or 4 Days in Athens Itinerary

View of Parthenon Temple and Odeon of Herodes Atticus on Acropolis Hill at sunset, Athens, Greece

Planning an Athens itinerary can sometimes seem like an afterthought when mapping out a longer trip to Greece. Although some of the main images that the word Greece inspires for travelers are Athens and the Acropolis, few people spend more than a day in the capital city or outside of the port. For most people, Greece is synonymous with the Greek islands such as Mykonos, Milos, Corfu and Santorini with … Read More

The Essential Guide to Visiting Florence in Winter

Florence in winter

While Florence is one of the most sought-after destinations on any Italian summer itinerary, Florence in winter is a true underrated beauty. Florence and Italy in general may not have always been on your radar. However, upon discovering it you’ll see why so many fall in love with this famous city in the magical months of winter.  Winter in Florence is the perfect time to discover its many museums and … Read More

9 Best Areas to Stay in Madrid For Tourists

Plaza Mayor in Sol, Madrid

As one of the largest cities in Europe, finding the best area to stay in Madrid can seem a bit daunting. There are countless distinct neighbourhoods – barrios in Spanish –in the Spanish capital that all bring something a little different to the table (sometimes literally, when you consider all of the great bars and restaurants in the city) that finding the best neighbourhood for you and your travel style … Read More